Lekalani chow wagon

I modeled, textured and rendered all in MODO, texture maps painted in Photoshop…

Lekalani & WIP

Character Design for KIA RIO

A robotic character I designed and built for KIA RIO ads

RIO design

Dental Bracket Debonding

A few examples from a series of images I did demonstrating the debonding process, all MODO.Debonding

Character sculpts & speed sculpts

Here are a few recent lunch-hour speed sculpts…

Screamer_lo Speedsculpts_lo

A CG Splash of Richelieu!

This scene modeled and rendered in modo….

Richelieu Splash

CG Dental Brackets

I modeled this series of 12 brackets in modo from the samples, no blueprints!  These things are TINY!  🙂

Dental Brackets_lo