Pongrácz Sparkling Wine image

For this one, all modelled, textured and rendered in Modo… 


Frankie goes to Hollywood!

I’m busy with a series of retro-themed Frankenstein’s Monsters based on Boris Karloff’s 1931 portrayal.  I’ve sculpted the monster in ZBrush and modelled the background scene in Modo.

Frankensteins' Monster Frankensteins' Monster

Tyrannosaurus Rex (juvenile)

Modelled this in ZBrush, rendered in MODO and comped in P/Shop


Dinosaur Season

Here’s my T-Rex WIP, on the home run…  all ZBrush for now


Futuristic Tank

Design, modelling and texturing I did of a futuristic tank for animation…

Future Tank

Future Tank


Here are some sneakers I modelled for a new character I’m working on….