About Ian

From art director to illustrator to photographer to retoucher to 3D artist.

That’s more or less how my professional trajectory worked. Which is great, because it gave me a background that’s invaluable for my primary obsession: creating anything in 3D.

Why use me rather than anyone else?

Well, firstly you deal with me directly. No in-between suit – just face to face dealings with me from beginning to end. And with my background in advertising, I understand the jargon, the clients, the pressures , the frustration, the expectations and above all, the deadlines.

Secondly, I like to be part of the conceptual solution and understand how to work from a mere scamp to create exactly what’s in your mind.

Thirdly, I don’t rest until I get it right. Literally.
So, if you have an interesting 3D project, give me a shout. I love getting my teeth into a challenge!

For more of my Character Design work, please see www.character-hub.com